The Syndicat National de la Librairie Ancienne et Moderne (SLAM) was created in 1914, and is one of the biggest and oldest antiquarian booksellers’ associations, preceded by the ABA only which was founded as early as 1906. One of its primary objectives is to make the public aware of the world of antique books.

It is the sole representative of the rare book trade in France, and as such, it plays an active part in maintaining relations with the public administration as well as with private organizations and book dealers. Its activities are equally directed towards the promotion of the book trade and the knowledge of the book. The SLAM includes about 250 book, autograph and print dealers, whose knowledge and professionalism are vouched for by strict admission rules. All of them guarantee

- competence and scholarship
- the authenticity of the books, manuscripts and prints 
- honesty, professionalism and fair trade throughout the world

They are experts in their fields of knowledge, and upkeep the tradition of bibliophily while preparing the bibliophily of tomorrow. They are devoted to the transmission of knowledge and to the preservation of culture. SLAM dealers advise you on your purchases and help you develop or sell your collections. Their sales catalogues are precious bibliographic tools.


Each year the SLAM organizes the International Antiquarian Book Fair. It started in 1984 at the Conciergerie, moved to the Maison de la Mutualité in 1993 and then to the glass-domed Grand Palais in 2007. During its 25 years of its existence the book fair at the elegant venue of the Grand Palais in Paris has become one of most prestigious events of the antiquarian book trade. Furthermore, the SLAM has been awarding a Bibliography Prize since 1998.

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