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  • 29 Jan 2015 - 21 Jun 2015 - UNITED KINGDOM , - Manchester

    Merchants of Print: From Venice to Manchester (Exhibitions)

    Merchants of Print: From Venice to Manchester
    Celebrating Aldus Manutius (1449–1515), the Italian humanist scholar who founded the Aldine Press at Venice. His publishing legacy includes scholarly editions of classical authors, the introduction of italic type, and the development of books in small formats that were read much like modern paperbacks. The Aldine Press was continued after his death by his son and grandson until 1598. The John Rylands Library holds one of the largest collections of Aldine editions, many of these coming from the Spencer library, purchased by Mrs Rylands in 1892. The spotlight will be...
  • 01 Feb 2015 - 02 Aug 2015 - UNITED STATES , - Washington, DC

    From the Library: Florentine Publishing in the Renaissance (Exhibitions)

    From the Library: Florentine Publishing in the Renaissance
    With neither a unified state nor even a common vernacular language among the various regions of the Italian peninsula, printing presses were established in every city and in many smaller towns. Florence was undoubtedly the cultural beacon of Europe in the Renaissance - a city with a humanist tradition dating to the late thirteenth century, where much vernacular literature originated, the scientific method was cultivated, and artistic development flourished. This exhibition presents a variety of books from the late fifteenth through the early seventeenth century and explores the development...
  • 06 Feb 2015 - 20 Aug 2015 - NEW ZEALAND , - Dunedin

    From Pigskin to Paper: The Art and Craft of Bookbinding (Exhibitions)

    From Pigskin to Paper: The Art and Craft of Bookbinding
    Wooden boards, raised bands, end-leaves, vellum, blind-stamped, and fillets are all part of the language of the bookbinder. The exhibition decodes the jargon used by bookbinders, and showcases their creative skills which become evident in all aspects of the binding process. On display are hand-bound calfskin, pigskin, or vellum examples from the hand-press period along with machine-made mass-produced bindings from the early 19th century. They range from the earliest English binding in New Zealand (dated 1482), 16th century European samples, and 19th century publisher's bindings, to works...
  • 06 May 2015 - 31 May 2015 - FRANCE , - Ebreuil

    Albert Bonneau infatigable voyageur (Exhibitions)

    Albert Bonneau infatigable voyageur
    Auteur populaire né à Moulins en 1898, ayant écrit sous différents pseudonymes plus de 400 romans. Conférence le 20 mai à 20h30, dans la salle socio-culturelle Armand Pradel : Le roman populaire de sa création aux années 1950 par Bernard Trapes et Jean-Emmanuel Stamm 
  • 28 May 2015 - 30 May 2015 - UNITED KINGDOM , - London

    58th London International Antiquarian Book Fair at Olympia (ABA) (Book fairs)

    58th London International Antiquarian Book Fair at Olympia (ABA)
    This major three-day event is one of the highlights in the world for book lovers and collectors – and centrepiece of London International Antiquarian Book Fair Week. At the Fair you can view, handle and buy books, maps, prints, photographs, manuscripts, ephemera and original art work spanning the centuries, many items of museum quality. All items are freely available. Here you may hold a remarkable piece of history in your hand. You can purchase a text as it first came off the printing press and bound by a craftsman hundreds of years ago - or the very latest collectable author’s...
  • 29 May 2015 - 05 Jun 2015 - UNITED STATES , - Worcester, Massachusetts

    The Digital Antiquarian - Conference and Workshop 2015 (Lectures)

    The Digital Antiquarian - Conference and Workshop 2015
    This conference and workshop organized by the American Antiquarian Society will focus on digitization, cataloguing, and research design. Experts in book history, curators and librarians from university and independent research libraries will exchange ideas about the past, present, and future of historical information literacy and the archive. Following the conference, concepts and methods will be more deeply explored in a five-day workshop dedicated to practice-based learning in digital humanities in the AAS’s major areas of archival development and research. Intended for faculty...
  • 30 May 2015 - 31 May 2015 - FRANCE , - Lapalisse 03120

    Salon du livre ancien de Lapalisse (03) (Book fairs)

    Salon du livre ancien de Lapalisse (03)
    5ème édition du Salon du Livre Ancien de Lapalisse qui va réunir libraires et bouquinistes.
  • 02 Jun 2015 - 26 Jul 2017 - UNITED KINGDOM , - London

    Treasure of the British Library - Permanent Exhibition (Exhibitions)

    Treasure of the British Library - Permanent Exhibition
    Have you ever visited the British Library's treasures? The Sir John Ritblat Gallery in the St Pancras building hosts a permanent display of many of the greatest treasures. See over 200 beautiful and fascinating items: sacred texts from many faiths, maps and views, early printing, literary, historical, scientific and musical works from over the centuries and around the world. Discover some of the world's most exciting and significant books, from Magna Carta and the Gutenberg Bible, to Handel and the Beatles. Marvel at the Lindisfarne Gospels, the genius behind the Leonardo notebooks, and see...
  • 22 Jun 2015 - 25 Jun 2015 - FRANCE , - Villeurbanne

    Ecole de l'Institut d'Histoire du livre (Lectures)

    Pour la douzième édition de son École, l’Institut d’histoire du livre basé à Lyon offrira trois cours en parallèle proposes par Neil Harris, François Vinourd et Claudio Galleri avec Eléonore Litim. Du lundi 22 juin au jeudi 25 juin 2015. Neil Harris : Paper and watermarks as bibliographical evidence (en anglais) François...
  • 12 Jul 2015 - 17 Jul 2015 - UNITED STATES , - Colorado Springs

    Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS) (Lectures)

    Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS)
    Keynote speaker: Katherine Reagan, Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts at Cornell who will be speaking on the hows and whys of buying books at Cornell; specialty dealer 2015 is ABAA bookseller, Garrett Scott.